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HS can provide you with free white samples early in the process. These are invaluable for play testing your game or mocking up your artwork to see what the physical product will look like. As the project advances, we’ll also provide free preproduction samples for color approval prior to going to full production. These samples are also critical for early sales presentations, trade show displays, crowd funding campaigns, etc. 


HS can professionally provide diecut or layout freely, ensuring that they meet HS’s design guidelines and are ready for printing. HS’s layout engineer can optimize the specifications for your printed materials and ensure that they are easy to update for any subsequent print runs or language editions. Please note that this service does not include any illustration, just graphic layout.



With more than 18 years experience in board games, card games, dice games, puzzle games, miniatures and game accessories.


We have deep experience with:

  • Litho printing of all types, (including specialty paper stocks, coatings, effects, etc.) 

  • Plastic molding (injection, compression, blow molding, extruding, etc.)

  • Silk screen, heat transfer

  • Hot stamping

  • Vacuum forming

  • Metal tins

  • Electronics


Once your board game samples are approved, we will begin mass production. HS’s minimum order quantity for mass production is just 500 units.


A Mass Production Copy(MPC), is the first full, final, and complete mass production version of your game and the final checkpoint before we begin assembly and shipping of the rest of the games. Your MPC will be air shipped to you with no additional cost. When its arrival, your project manager will review it with you live on a video call to ensure that it is exactly what you want.


High-quality, turn-key custom manufacturing is the core of what we do. We’re well versed in a wide variety of manufacturing processes, complicated assembly requirements and quality control measures.



HS built Quality Control in throughout the whole production process. It begins with graphic files, ensuring that your files and designs are correctly formatted for printing. And it continues with component sampling and production material control, which ensures that your game is ready for mass production. The next step is the Mass Production Copy, which ensures that everything was made correctly, and is ready for assembly and shipping. The final quality control checkpoint is assembly, when our dedicated QC team inspects your components to make sure that everything is complete and correct as it’s assembled into the box. All of HS’s games come with a 99% defect-free quality promise. We also ship you extra spare parts of all components at no extra charge that you can use as needed for the occasional replacement part request from your backers and customers.


For some game sets need to be assembled, we will arrange all accessories sending to our packing factory to ensure your production quality good, as well an inspection will be sent to you. We strive to make any problems solved in China.



Shipping your product to the warehouse can be a headache and one more thing on your long list of worries. Whether you are shipping by air, land or sea, HS can navigate through chaos of logistics and make it manageable and worry free.  We will be glad to provide quotes, ship to multiple addresses, advise on choices and track your shipments.


HS creates customized cartons and carton markings in which to package the finished games. These cartons can be palletized and shrink wrapped or floor loaded, depending on your preference and at no extra charge. Our door-to-door shipping services gets your games delivered from our factory in China to the location or locations of your choice. We can ship games by ocean, air, or land, depending on your budget and timing needs. We work with a network of experienced global shipping partners to ensure your games arrive safely and on time. If you prefer to work with your own shipping agent who will arrange a pickup of the games from our factory on your behalf, that’s fine too. We don’t charge anything for factory pickups.

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